Professional Model or Actor Headshots

Professional Model or Actor Headshots

Why do you need professional model or actor headshots? First impressions are everything. If you’re hoping to make a career out of modeling or acting, you’ll probably have realised that these are difficult and competitive industries to break in to.

While you may have an amazing look, unfortunately this often just isn’t enough. Many people believe that modelling or acting is just about your looks on set, but in fact it’s not.

If you’re going to make it as a model or actor, you need to look at becoming a model or actor as starting a new business. Like any business, you need to market yourself and you need to invest in your new fledgling business and promote yourself.

For many models or actors, the first step towards starting a professional career is to have some professional headshots taken by a professional photographer.

While you can try and do these yourself, a professional photographer will know how to light your face in the best way, explain to you how to pose and ensure that when your picture lands on the agents desk, you have the best fighting chance of standing out.

What is a model or actor headshot?

As the name suggests a headshot is a photograph of your head and shoulders, generally looking directly into the camera. They are used by agents to see the look and shape of your face.

Many models or actors will have a ‘Z card’ made, which will include a headshot, along with a number of other photographs. It is really important that these images are of the very best quality.

Why do you need a professional photographer?

Imagine you have 20 cards in front of you. Some have been taken by professional photographers, they are sharp, well taken and show the model or actor in their very best light.

Others have been taken on a smartphone, they are ok, but you can’t quite make out what the model or actor really looks like. Often the colours are a little muddy. Quite simply, if your images don’t represent your image properly, you’ll already be on the back foot.

A photographer will be able to show you how to pose properly, will use the very best light and will ensure that your best features really ‘pop’ in your images.

If you really want to start a career as a professional model or actor, you need to entrust your images to a professional photographer, who can ensure you look your very best in your images.

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