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Aerial Photography Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury and London

Professional aerial multimedia

Do you require professional aerial photography? On Location Events offers a wide range of aerial and ground based multimedia services through our Air Vision Media business. This includes both stills and video photography, the ultimate platform for capturing breath taking aerial imagery. Our aerial photography can be used for a variety of projects including detailed surveys, stills, video and dynamic video footage.

Our business operates both nationally and internationally, with our aerial photographers bringing many years of aerial camera expertise. This includes both fixed and rotary wing platforms to the impressive and fast growing world of multi-rotor platform photography. From script to screen, we offer creative commercial multimedia solutions and provide a friendly, professional and relaxed service. We strive to provide excellent customer service, with each shoot is individually tailored to you.


Aerial Photography Equipment: UAV’s

Our advanced UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are able to capture beautiful digital multimedia. Thanks to our technical equipment, we 5K video and stills photography as well as infra-red and thermal imagery from the air. The UAV aerial photography is far more cost effective to operate when compared to manned aerial platforms. The UAV is able to capture data from a variety of positions and in less time. Traditional ground based solutions such as masts and cherry pickers can be costly to hire and security is often compromised.


Property Surveys

We have access to a number of different media solutions that allow us to shoot all aspects of a survey in photographic stills as well as video. Our aerial drones are able to access parts of a property remotely and have long focal zoom capabilities, which allow the surveyor to view and discover areas that require work. If the property does not require work, our aerial photography still gives you a historic record for you to compare. Many surveyors now favour aerial photography because it makes their jobs easier. No costly or unsightly scaffolding towers required!

Engineering & Construction

Our aerial photography is able to capture the whole construction process from a green field all the way to completion. Our aerial drone can capture this in many different ways, using a combination of photographs, video and time lapse.

A Flight Only Option

A flight only option is available to allow other photographers and videographers to supply clients with aerial multi-media through their own company. We supply the UAV, drone and pilot, with your company taking care of the rest.

Aerial Photography & Commercial Operations

Commercial Drone Work

Commercial aerial photography in the UK is regulated and monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). All pilots have to be certified for the specific type of UAV being used and each UAV pilot’s operational manual is assessed and approved before authority before any aerial work is granted.

  • Our aerial drone is able to operate in areas that may carry restrictions for the use of manned, fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft.
  • We can operate up to a maximum altitude of 120m vertically and out to a maximum distance of 500m.
  • Extensions to these restrictions of altitude and operating distance can be requested from the CAA and are assessed on a case by case basis.

CAA Fully Registered Crew

The Flight Crew

We are CAA registered and have been doing aerial photography since 2003. Our certified flight crew consists of PIC (a pilot in charge) and a camera operator who oversees the operation of the gimbal and camera.

Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Operational Safety

The PIC is responsible for the overall operation and safety of the UAV, the crew, the clients representative and all property. Our team are able to manoeuvre the aircraft safely whilst operating the camera to capture stunning, dynamic aerial images.

The Ultimate Aerial Imagery

Our UAV’s are equipped with telemetry and a video downlink so that the PIC is able to see critical flight information. The client and camera operator are also able to view aerial images from the camera’s perspective via individual digital screens.

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