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Corporate Photography

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Corporate Photography in Southampton, Salisbury & London

Professional Taylored Corporate Photography

In the world of business, first impressions really count. Are you making the right one? On Location Events Photography can provide you with the right images to reflect your brand and business. Our professional corporate photography offers cost-effective creative solutions for all corporate events. Whether that is for an annual conference, award ceremony, product launch or action-packed team building event – our event photographers will be there to professionally capture every moment.

Meeting Your Requirements

Depending on your event requirements, we can even provide multiple professional photographers to ensure all teams, locations and experiences are covered. Our corporate teams are made up of expert photographers and technicians who have access to photo studios and all the technology solutions for your bespoke requirements. We can even work under your banner to broaden your professional services and allow the corporate continuity to flow through the event. We strive to provide a friendly service individually tailored to your event, where all images are copyright free.


Conference Photography

Professional Conference Photographers

Our events photographers are able to capture stunning photos throughout your conference, capturing all speakers from various angles. We provide a variety of wide shots in order to show the ambience of the venue and set, capturing all elements. We are also able to provide an array of close up shots of each speaker and Q&A sessions. During the coffee breaks, our corporate event photographers will capture your delegates networking together – showing great interaction. Alternatively, if there are any breakout sessions or fun team building exercises throughout the day, our talented photographers will capture all of the action.

Conference Photography Packages

For conferences, we are able to offer complete packages which include network photos and social media event photography. All photos are uploaded online instantly or in ‘real time.’ Your corporate event photos can also be sent to devices and smartphones straight away via QR codes, email or SMS text.

Instant Photos Shared Within Seconds

Corporate Event Photos By MMS Text

Once the event photos have been transmitted over to our very own media stations, your guests will have the fantastic opportunity to preview all the photos taken. Once they have chosen their preferred photo, we then ask them to enter their mobile phone number and with a good internet connection, the photo will be sent to them straight away – within seconds of it being sent.

Instant On-Site Photo Prints

We also provide instant on-site photo prints at every event. Once the photo has been taken, it is sent via a high-speed wireless connection where the image is printed instantly on a 9″x6″ gloss photograph. All photos are printed in under a minute and presented to the guest in either a black strut mount or in a fully branded colour photo folder of your choosing. Your event photos will also be uploaded shortly after the event, onto a password protected website link for you to use as you wish.

Evening Receptions

At your evening reception, we can either use the natural surroundings of the venue for a photographic backdrop, or we can provide traditional studios and even our invisible green screen Chromakey studios. The purpose of our interactive studios is to provide added entertainment to your event – something that your guests will love.

Corporate & Team Building Days

Roaming Team Building Photographers

We have covered many team building and corporate events across the globe, working with small event companies to large international, well-known, blue-chip organisations. Whether on land, sea or in the air, we are equipped to cover all types of events. There is no copyright protection given by us on the final images so you may use the images as you wish. Once again, we can upload the images throughout the event on our app so delegates can view as the event runs.

Network Photowalls

Corporate Photowall

Our Corporate Network Photowall is a creative visual way to network at any event. Delegates are photographed at registration, photos are then sent instantly via high-speed wireless system. Details of the delegate are then matched with a photo taken automatically via a scanner, a photograph is printed instantly and displayed alphabetically on the Corporate Network Photowall. All images are available to go on to the conference app, so visible by all delegates on the go.

During breaks throughout the day, delegates are then able to make a visual connection of the person they wish to meet. After the event, all photos can also be sent to the delegates by the client. The delegate is then able to use as their business profile photo on sites such as LinkedIn.


Corporate Network Photowall