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Event Photography Southampton, Salisbury, Bournemouth & London

Professional Event Photographers

If you are looking for professional event photographers in Hampshire, Dorset and London then choose On Location Events Photography for expert solutions. We can attend any event or show, photograph any number of people and capture the moment in real-time in beautiful colour or sophisticated black and white if required. Our team are happy to work under your company banner and become part of your events team. This allows your client to see that you have your very own official photographer, we find this is very popular with our blue-chip clients.

Unique Event Photography

Global Coverage

Our event photographers have covered many UK and international events with sometimes over a thousand guests in attendance. We always supply top quality mounted photographs on-site no problem and this is often at no charge to the organiser for attending, with our photographs being sold during the event itself. For corporate and PR photography, we can offer tailor-made packages that suit the requirement of your event so your guests can receive a complementary photograph. If your event supports a charity, we will even make a donation directly to the charity for each and every photograph sold.

Celebrity VIP Meet and Greet Photography

Comic Cons, Festivals, Large Guest Events

Celebrity or VIP “meet and greets” are a highlight to any guests experience at an event. We have many years of experience in dealing with these and know how to capture, treat and react in any situation. There can be many guests lining up to meet the celebrity or VIP that need to be ushered through quickly. With wireless photography we can print a photo instantly and get it signed before the guest leaves. We can also overlay signatures onto every photo.

Sample video of a VIP meet & greet studio

Instant Digital Photos To Share On Social Media

Instant Delivery via QR Code Scanning

One of the key aspects that sets us apart is our use of QR code sharing technology. We believe in making it easy for our clients to access and share their photographs instantly. By using QR codes, it’s a perfect environmental solution to printing out physical copies. Simply scan the code and instantly share your amazing photo on social. We can also add overlay branding, customized to your event which would be far much more effective in this social digital age. We then find that clients share the photo instantly on social & tag the venue, great marketing. Also, after the event we can give essential marketing data on who and what your guests did with the digital print.
Another reason why we are considered one of the best in the business is our commitment to continuous improvement and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in photography to benefit our clients.

Sample video of a instant QR Sharing

Instant On-Site Printing

Instant Guest On Site Printing

Instant on-site printing is available at all of our photography events. All event photos are sent wirelessly to our instant printing stations where guests have the opportunity to preview images taken at our multiple viewing stations. We print 9″ x 6″ and 12″ x 8″ photographs at an event -all of which are printed in under a minute! Photos can be printed with event information, a logo or company branding if required. The photo is then inserted into a quality strut mount. Themed or corporate-branded strut mounts can be organised prior to the event.

Corporate Event Photography & Creative Artwork

Unique Corporate Branding

Photos with standard black strut mounts are provided for our studios and to ensure company branding is retained, we can also quote you on branded photo folders and provide an overlay directly onto the photo itself. If not supplied directly, all creative artwork for the folders and backgrounds are created in house by our design team. Once we have received all the clients brand guidelines, our creative experts will get to work designing the artwork or the photo folders for client approval.

Social Media Event Photography

Social PR Photography

All event photo files can be uploaded instantly online, in ‘real-time’ or sent to devices straight away via SMMS photography. We can also provide selected master images on a memory stick so that guests can print their own copies and use the images on social network sites or in their digital photo frames. We can even supply social media marketing to further promote your event, with event photos being supplied with hashtag recommendations for Twitter. We are also able to embed the digital image with any logos so you can maintain a marketing presence online.

Instant Roaming Guest Photography Shared

Event Photos By Sent Text To Your Smart Phone Instantly

If you are looking for the complete guest experience, we can supply images instantly via MMS (a multimedia messaging service) for smart phones. This is done via a password protected web link or by our exclusive photo app. Once all the photos have been transmitted over to our media stations, guests will have the opportunity to preview the photos taken. When they have selected their chosen photo, we will ask them to enter a mobile phone number they would like their photos sent to. As long as there is a good internet connection, photos will then be sent straight away with the guest receiving their photo within seconds of it being sent.

Personal App Delivery, Viewing, Sharing and Download

Instant Client Access

Guests will be given a card so they are able to view and download all of the event photos as they are being taken and uploaded. Built for smart devices, our app is made specifically for guests to use with ease. With just a simple download, clients can instantly gain access to all digital photos and view them in a presentation to easily share with others. The device platforms are viewable on smart device.

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