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Professional Aerial Drone Photography and Video Services

Aerial photography and video professional services are generally carried out with the help of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or better know as drones. Only a few professional CAA approved photographers and videographers are able to offer the chance to perform great quality drone and aerial photography for clients.

We recently flew our drones at Farnborough Airshow 2018 for a major airline and were the first ever company allowed to do so. Drones have made the process of capturing aerial photography and video much easier but they do require professional skill to fly. In many cases drones, which are capable of capturing professional quality multimedia, are often very expensive to buy. With the assistance of a professional drone company such as us, it is possible to capture aerial multimedia for a whole variety of different solutions. We also work with many non-CAA qualified photographers and videographers that want to offer an aerial solution to their clients, allowing them to take control of the cameras while we fly.

Professional Drone Flying at Farnborough Airshow
Professional Drone Flying at Farnborough Airshow 2018

Aerial photography is often used in building detailed surveys, capturing aerial photos or video of businesses, capturing dynamic and exciting video footage that can be used in advertising or in capturing a series of stills from extremely unique angles. Aerial photography and video can certainly provide an amazing vantage point for engagement especially when it comes to photography and video capture.

A professional photographer or videographer will know how to implement all the technical equipment on board as well as optimize the camera for stills and the best quality video from the air. Aerial photography can be extremely cost effective especially when compared to aerial platforms and manned aircraft as we have used in the past 20 years. If you have ever thought of getting a unique vantage point on one of your products, capturing your entire staff from the air, even completing a tour of your business from an aerial view, drone photography and video can be extremely easy. Drones can easily be brought into many different positions and capture images that are simply impossible for ground-based solutions like cherry pickers, masts or even ladders. In many cases a professional aerial drone photography and video service can be even more cost effective than calling in a professional to capture photography on the roof!

We use our drones regularly to capture all aspects of buildings; it’s an excellent way to capture the entire property for whatever reason needed with for photos or video. Aerial drones are capable of incredible zoom capabilities as well as the ability to follow surveyors to certain areas throughout the property. Aerial views of your property can help to determine whether your property requires work, can help you with inventory assistance or can give you an ongoing historic record to note the changes within your company. Many professional surveyors prefer using a drone operator for all of their aerial photography needs because it makes the process of creating maps and surveys extremely simple. There’s no need to assemble a tower or scaffolding and the drone is much safer to use overall.

Trafalgar Park Downton
Trafalgar Park Downton

If you are interested in taking advantage of professional aerial photography and video and ensuring that a photographer can keep a drone safe, calibrated and capable of superior image quality, you should strongly consider contacting a professional drone operator like us with many years of experience.

There is a lot of bad press about drones as the general public are sold drones without any advice of the legislations etc. You must be qualified to take a single still or a frame of video for commercial intent. But even if you want to use the drone for fun you still must adhere to the rules and regulations of the air and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Key points and amendments for the current legislation are:

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