360 video photo studio booth

360 Video Photo Studio Booth

Put a spin on your next event!

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What is a 360 Video Booth Studio?

Great added enterainment for any event

Our 360 video booth studio is a revolutionary way to capture, produce and share memorable experiences. The 360 video studio provides users with the ability to create high-quality, interactive video content that can be shared across multiple platforms. The great thing about our studio is their universal appeal – they are suitable for any kind of event. It’s perfect for creating and engaging at all events such as trade shows, awards, private events, corporate events, conferences, product launches, fashion shows and promotional campaigns, the list is endless on how you can use this to capture so many marketing opportunities. With a 360 video booth studio you not only get exciting visuals but also a creative and innovative experiences that will help make your occasion even more memorable than before.


With the 360 video booth studio, you can capture 360 videos of your guests in the most immersive way possible. It’s easy to use and the results are stunning! With the booth’s intuitive user interface, you can quickly and easily capture and share the 360 videos with your audience. You can also customise the 360 video booth studio settings to make sure that you get the most out of your video experience. The 360 video studio is designed with both the user and the audience in mind giving entertainment all round.


The 360 video booth studio is equipped with a DSLR camera, unlike most other companies that use smart phones or tablets. With an added high powered LED light ring which ensures that the footage is of the highest quality. With the latest technology, the 360 video booth studio creates an immersive 3D environment that captures 360 footage of all the guests at the event. The footage is then compiled instantly into a breath-taking video that captures every moment of the event in a beautiful and captivating way.

What is included as standard?

  • A 360 video booth studio (3-4 persons at one time)
  • Unlimited videos and usage by guests
  • Delivery, set up & take down
  • Instant guest video sharing to a smartphone
  • Rope barrier safety zoned area
  • DSLR video capture camera
  • Ultra HD videos
  • Minimum of 2 trained fun and friendly studio attendants
  • Studio lighting
  • Specially selected props
  • Bubble machine (depending on the venue)
  • Smoke machine (depending on the venue)
  • Copyright free music
  • On-line website gallery of all videos with social sharing


What optional extras are there?


  • Fully branded 360 base which guests stand on whilst being videoed

  • Fully branded 360 semi-enclosure capturing brand and any PR
  • Fully branded 360 full enclosure capturing brand and any PR


360 Studio Southampton Hampshire 360 Studio Southampton Hampshire 360 Studio Southampton Hampshire


What do we need from the client or venue?

  • Cubic space of 4.5M (L) x 4.5M (W) x 2.4M (H).
  • Access to a 240V mains socket close by.
  • Access to your venue 2 hours prior to hire for set up.
  • Secure Wi-Fi access whilst in use.
  • Cover from rain on outdoor events.
  • Parking.
  • Depending on the time book, crew food to be provided.

What added hidden costs are there?

  • None, we don’t believe in hidden costs!

What does the guest do and experience?

It's more than just added entertainment

Our studio team encourage and invite the surrounding guests to have a go with the 360 experience. As the guest approaches, they are asked to scan the QR code at the studio. When scanned, they are asked to enter an email or mobile number to receive their instant video. They then choose a video template; this then creates an individual QR code. We scan this new QR code before we start the experience. The first team member briefs the guest with a health & safety brief, i.e., about not stepping off the platform until requested to do so. The guest is invited to dress up or use any of the props available, then they are asked to step on the platform ready for their experience, they are then briefed again by the second team member about the safety again. Once satisfied, this team member starts 360 booth. Once finished the team member then asks the guests to leave the platform safely. Depending on the Wi-Fi signal the video is rendered straight away and sent immediately to the guest via their chosen way of receiving.

More Than Just A Fun Studio

Perfect way to capture essential marketing data

The studio is not just for fun, it’s perfect for creating and engaging with guests capturing their data at all events such as trade shows, private events, corporate events, product launches and PR campaigns etc, the list is endless on how you can use this to capture guest data along with so many marketing & brand promotional opportunities.

After the event, we can provide essential marketing data for clients where we have agreed to provide this. This data is essential perfect marketing information for companies. The data is broken down into a comprehensive range of data from guest emails, gender, age, how shared, number of shares and where shared.

360 Photo Video Booth Southampton Hampshire 1

360 Photo Video Booth Southampton Hampshire 2

360 Photo Video Booth Southampton Hampshire 3

360 Photo Video Booth Southampton Hampshire 4

Why Choose Us?

Professional services for over 20 years

On Location Events have been providing professional media services for over 20 years. With 1000’s of events under our belt, we have the experience in ensuring we give the best possible service to our clients and our clients guests. You are only as good as your last event and we are never complacent to that fact. We have always supplied a professional and friendly service to all our clients. We have travelled the world providing media services to many major blue-chip clients over these two decades.

So, are you looking to add a unique, next-level experience to your event? We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide you with quality services and an incredible guest experience. We make sure every aspect of your hire is perfect and our dedicated booth team members are available to offer assistance throughout. There is no limit to how much video you can capture and we make sure the entire experience is seamless and enjoyable for you and your guests. Our expert professional friendly team is committed to providing you with exceptional solutions. We ensure that everything is set up correctly for a seamless experience so that you and your guests can enjoy the video booth without any problems. Each and every event can be truly unique and exceed expectations with awesome interactive experiences! Get started today and add an exciting dimension to your celebration.

With this all said, health and safety of our team and guests are paramount and will NEVER be compromised in ANY way.

After the event, we can provide essential marketing data for clients where we have agreed to provide this. This data is essential perfect marketing information for companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How early should I book the booth?
As a business we aim to please all clients. As a busy media company, we would advise you to book as soon as you have a date. Current On Location Events account holders don’t need to pay a deposit. If you don’t hold an On Location Events account a £100 non-refundable holding deposit is required to secure that date. We would advise to chat with us as soon as possible. Non account users are required to settle the full remaining invoice 14 days prior to the event.


What events do you attend?
We cover all events that want to add added entertainment to guests or to promote & market and capture customer data when promoting new products or services etc. The list of opportunities where we can entertain and capture guest data is endless.


How much space is needed?
Depending on the event you are looking to book with us, as a minimum we require a cubic space of 4.5M (L) x 4.5M (W) x 2.4M (H) along with two 6’ tables for props. This space would ideally be against at least one wall and have mains power with 3m.


Why do we need Wi-Fi?
A secure Wi-Fi provided by the venue is essential for instant sharing. Having a secure connection will allow guests to also scan their QR codes quickly and also receive their videos in near real time.


How long does it take to set-up?
Health and Safety is key to providing a faultless service. Depending on where we are situated within the venue from our vehicle, we would always allow 1.5 – 2 hours before we start the event.


Can the booth stay longer?
It is very surprising still how much fun people have at our events. We are flexible with all our services.


How does the 360 work?
Our 360 studio works with a solid steel platform with a camera arm attached to the bottom of the booth. When safe to do so we have a remote control that starts and stops the rotating arm which captures video as it swings around the platform. The platform itself does NOT spin.


What captures the video?
We use a DSLR camera to capture the best quality video footage, unlike many other companies that just use a smart phone or tablet.


How do guests get their video?
When completed the guests receive their video automatically via the email/SMS they provided when they scanned their QR code.


How long are the videos available on the gallery?
Our gallery and videos will remain online for a total of two years from the event date. However, all videos are downloaded and backed up after the event and stored externally forever.


What makes a 360 video booth studio so special?
Our 360 video booth studio provides your guests with a unique experience. Our team, along with our props and the experience our guests get are second to none. Our media team, will work with you to tailor your event from every angle from the branding, the website and all guest communication.


Is the video booth safe to stand on?
We take safety very seriously, and ensure we have all of equipment is working perfectly. All electrical wires needs are secured via protection tape to ensure no trip hazards.


Are you insured?
Absolutely, we wouldn’t leave the office without it. We are happy to supply all documentation as required.


If I have booked a photographer, why do I need a video booth?
As a company that provides professional photographers, we know that the two solutions are completely different. As photographers we capture the atmosphere and key moments of any event. Having a 360 video booth studio you are adding fun entertainment to an event like a roaming magician, caricaturists etc. The beauty of having both is we can capture all aspects of the event for you. Also, with our instant solution we are able to share the results with your guests immediately, which they then share and promote the event.


Can we brand our videos?
Absolutely, prior to your event we will discuss all elements on how you can add marketing value to your event. Our media team can brand many aspects.


Who operates the photo booth?
We will always have at least two professional fun and friendly team members to run the video booth studio. Depending on the size of the event, we may have more to ensure a great guest experience. They are there for two main reasons, firstly safety above and beyond anything else. At any event if we feel that a guest is not capable of being able to stand safely alone and not under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance, we WILL refuse entry into the studio. But secondly to ensure that all guests are having the best time.


How many people can fit on the 360 video booth?
Our 360 video booths have a maximum weight limit and we recommend 3 fully grown adults as a maximum, but is at the discretion of the team member at the event.


Are 360 video booths worth having at an event?
Our guests can’t get enough of our videos. With the creative use of branding and data capture, it can be used as an essential perfect marketing tool for companies.